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TOI Product Literature:

TOI+ is a premium subscription product from the Times of India website/app that offers uninterrupted exclusive insightful and thought-provoking articles on diverse topics. It has published more than 5000 thought-provoking articles monthly, ranging from politics, technology, education, and current affairs to business, sports, and world affairs.

  • Access to 5000+ well-researched and insightful articles written by India's best journalists
  • Diverse topics -  ranging from politics, technology, education, current affairs to business, sports, and world affairs
  • Q&A series from Industry experts across various verticals such as Health, Education, Jobs, Gender & Personal Finance, etc.
  • TOI+ Dialogues
  • Free Newsletters, Crosswords, Podcasts & Videos, etc
  • TOI print edition in web view with ad-lite experience
  • Ad-lite content on TOI website and app thus offers a seamless and uninterrupted reading experience across the web and app  

Number of years archives available: TOI digital premium subscription (TOI+) does not offer archives. Subscribers can save exclusive stories and the same can be searched on the Internet with only premium members accessing it.

The subscription covers digital + ePaper?
Yes, TOI+ subscription covers both digital + e-paper. 
TOI print edition (e-paper via TOI+ subscription) will have all the print content placed section-wise (the way it is in print - like front page, city edition etc.)
in an ad-lite experience in the web view.
Additionally, TOI+ subscribers to get daily mailers with top stories from different sections.