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Triggering new strategies and wide divergences between markets. Our Newspapers give you access to a wide range of global news and information. We have the best of the lot to offer you.

Digital Magazines
Digital Magazines
Digital Magazines
Digital Magazines
Digital Magazines

Digital Magazines

Focusing on delivering the latest, up-to-date information, trusted and high-quality magazines from across the globe.

Online Databases

Our Online Databases include information such as - Company Information, E-books, Legal Information, Country Information, Economic Data, Industry Profiles, Career Information and a lot more. These databases are annual subscriptions and are updated frequently.


Advantages of Digital Newspaper and Magazines

• Dynamic, Accessible and Immediate - As and when the news is uploaded, you can read the news. Print is always delayed by a day.

• Accessible across all devices - Access on your computer, mobile, laptop, iPad, etc.

• Full access to all the editions - Online you have the flexibility to access all editions whereas in print you can read only the edition you have subscribed for.

• Archive access - You can access archives for the past several decades. In print, you get only that day's paper.

• Alert service - You can customise account and get alerted on the topics of interest. For you can get alert by author, subject, name of the person, name of the ministry, etc.

• Clip & Share - Can share article immediately with your colleagues by whatsapp, instagram, facebook, social media.

• Bookmarking - Can bookmark article for late reading.

• Interactive - Access to Videos, Data and blogs.

• E-Paper - Get access to a digital replica of the newspaper online.

• Access - from anywhere and anytime of your convenience.

Custom Research

Many times the data people need is not available in an off the shelf market research report. If this is the case for you, then you should consider going for a custom research job.


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