About Us

We are an India-based global information aggregator, boasting 35 years of expertise in delivering rich, valuable business information and analysis. Since 1989, we have been providing our services to a large number of clients across the globe, including those from the corporate, government, academic, and banking sectors. Our products/services include up-to-date forecasts, market research reports, company profiles, online databases, customised research reports, country reports, and newsletters.

We are a proud partner of some of the world’s leading market research firms and publishers who allow us to offer the best of market reports pertaining to different industries including- consumer goods, energy and utility, food and beverages, industry and manufacturing, technology and media, life sciences, and service industry.

Why Choose us?

Many markets, many reports, all at one place

Choose from a stack of over 480,000 market research reports. There’s hardly any industry we do not cover.

We are known for our credibility and quality service

We are one of the trusted names in this industry. An experience of over 2 decades helps us better understand various markets, trends, and client requirements.

There’s nothing more important than clients’ satisfaction for us

To ensure that our clients get the best experience with us, we offer services like Free sample reports, custom reports, online payment options, telephonic assistance, etc.

How do our clients benefit by us?
Market Research is no EASY JOB....

You can save loads of things by simply coming to us for your market research report requirements.

Mainly, you save on things mentioned below:

1. Time-This is the most important saving you make by referring to Bharatbook, We save you bulk hours which you may invest in some other productive activity.

2. Money- Talking of Investment…No researcher in this world can estimate the exact amount that needs to be spent, but with Bharatbook you are surely in safe hands, best results at minimal cost.

3. Optimum Results- As told, you can expect the best outcomes with us as your search is bottled to specifics according to your requirements and only reports that matter to you are provided.

Our Clients

We believe in the power of teamwork. We are driven by a sense of community inculcated in us through our clients, colleagues, and associates. We provide worldwide our services.