Graphic News infographics - a unique brand of visual journalism to inform and inspire

Graphic News is a specialist independent news & information agency telling topical stories of world interest visually as infographics. Launched in 1991, Graphic News has since gained an international reputation for our unique brand of visual journalism, and infographics of the highest quality.

Graphic News infographics give a succinct visual summary of the news stories shaping our world. From breaking news to feature stories, graphics are available in a range of formats for both print and online platforms, and in several languages.

Topics covered include current affairs, business and economics, politics and elections, war, conflict and terrorism, environment, geography, history, science and technology, entertainment, and sport.

Once described as "the secret weapon of newsroom infographics", our service is intended as a resource for high-quality infographics to complement in-house production - graphics can be translated, edited and modified to suit in-house style and layouts, and in fact are constructed in such a way so as to facilitate this. But the service is also intended as a source of information and ideas too. Stories and sources are provided for each infographic.

So whether you are an editor or journalist, teacher, information manager, librarian, policy-maker, government employee, business leader, or someone who simply wants to better understand the world in which we live, you can count on Graphic News.

Get informed… get inspired… get ahead with Graphic News

Subscription features:

  • Unlimited access, downloads and users
  • Our Professional Editorial License
  • Usage in print, digital and social media
  • A license to publish as supplied and edit/modify
  • Notifications via email and social media, plus online planners
  • Archive of over 45,000 graphics dating back to 1991